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IMC Association
Need to know more about the International Management Centres Association? Then visit the information centre.

Global Action Research Centre (GARC)
GARC is the home of IMCA's Doctoral Programmes.

IMCA Socrates
IMCA Socrates is the workplace action learning system for management development and professional certification.

Revans University
The university is dedicated to increasing professional effectiveness in the workplace through action learning processes.

IMCA's Online Campuswoman in suit

Welcome to the global online campus for the Association of International Management Centres (IMCA). This site delivers searchable online access to IMCA set homepages, discussion forums, course materials and resources from Certificate to Masters level, a Faculty and Associate contact database, all IMCA regulatory documents and minutes, a comprehensive library featuring more than 4600 management journals and a whole lot more.

Faculty, Associate (Student) and Guest Access

If you are an IMCA Associate or Faculty member please login by pressing the 'login' button on the right of the screen.

Action Learning Partners

See how the IMCA works with educational organizations worldwide to develop management qualifications in action learning.

IMCA Programmespeople in meeting

The programmes offered, and awards granted, from IMCA and Revans University are conducted under the Education Reform Act's provisionsfor foreign universities to operate in the UK.They are deliberately action learning programmes, i.e. not following traditional academic pedagogical paradigms. As such they are not intended to and as such do not lead to degrees that are Listed by the UK's Department of Education. However, they have been widely accepted since 1982 by industry and universities as appropriate for action learning in some 44 countries across the world. Any potential students contemplating an IMCA and Revans University programme with a view to using the awards as the basis for further academic or career development/ salary increments etc. should satisfy themselves that the action learning approach is appropriate for such further aspirations.

If action learning is felt not to be appropriate then IMCA and Revans University programmes should be eschewed.

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