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Payment of Fees

Step 1. Enter Fee Information Step 2. Review Order Step 3. Make Payment

 Instructions Through this payment form you are able to pay for program related fees such as program fee, graduation fee and annual membership subscriptions.
  1. If you are paying an invoice please enter the invoice number.
  2. Enter a brief description of the payment(s) required.
  3. Select the currency you wish to pay.
  4. Enter the total payment amount.
  5. Select the Calc button to see the total amount for you payment including the handling fee of 5%.
  6. Enter your first name.
  7. Enter your last name.
  8. Enter your email address.
  9. Select the Review order button

 Fee Information 
Invoice Number (Where applicable):    
Description of Purchase: (200 characters maximum)    
Fee Amount (All card payments are subject to a 5% handling fee):    
Calculate fee to show the 5% handling fee:       
First Name:    
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